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Contact Your Legislator


Pharmacists need to be active to make a difference.  Involvement does not mean it needs to be time-consuming. Your participation in advocacy efforts can be as simple as keeping up-to-date on issues and then being willing to speak up when needed.  Making a phone call or faxing a letter can help shape legislation that impacts the future of the pharmacy profession. A small amount of time can make a big difference, especially when large numbers of people act together.

Legislators want to hear from their own constituents—the same citizens whose votes elected them into office so they have a reason to value a relationship with you, the grassroots voter. The value of your vote—and the votes of other people you know and influence—makes you important to your legislators.

Many legislators direct their staff to keep a record to count the numbers of calls, faxes, and letters received on specific issues so the more contact a legislator receives about a particular issue sends a clear message about it's importance.  squeaky wheel" axiom. "The number of c of the issue," he said.

Pharmacists willing to ramp up their involvement to include personal visits to their legislators do an even greater service to the profession. Personal visits, such as pharmacy legislative days, are great for building relationships. Taking the time to speak to legislators and policymakers helps to support their understanding of how issues affect pharmacists, other constituents, and health care in general.

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