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GSPO was founded in 1981 primarily to promote the business interests of the independent community pharmacy in the State of New Jersey.  It was determined that such interests were quite unique within the general context of the pharmacy community, and that those specific interests were not able to be properly represented by the more encompassing state professional organization NJPhA.

More specifically, GSPO was formed to promote such business interests primarily thru active participation in the political arena in the State of New Jersey.  The company was formed as a non-profit organization expressly to operate as a PAC for independent pharmacies before such organizations were officially established and recognized. As such, GSPO was ahead of its time.

The original non-profit then established two for-profit entities for the purpose of providing funding for its political agenda.  COOP Power was formed in 1985, providing a buying group for GSPO member stores, thus increasing their combined purchasing power while providing an income stream for the parent GSPO.  Subsequently, in 1986, GSPOPS, a Pharmacy Benefit Administrator, was established primarily to manage prescription claim benefits for the municipal health care marketplace.  GSPOPS effectively reduced the drug spend for their municipal clients while simultaneously providing another income stream for the companies. In 2012 GSPOPS was officially renamed Select Solutions, Inc. to more accurately reflect its current offerings in the prescription benefits marketplace.