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Why use an Independent Pharmacy?


  Why use an independent pharmacy?

It’s important to know what makes independent community pharmacies stand out. Patients today have many options to choose from when determining where they want to fill their prescriptions, buy over the counter (OTC) medications, or receive their patient care services, such as immunizations. But what makes a patient choose an independent community pharmacy over larger national chains or big box pharmacies?

A pharmacy is an important part of a patient’s health care team, so with any decision, a consumer will weigh the pros and the cons. Please read below for some key reasons why you should choose an independent pharmacy near you.


Personalized patient care

There are many perks to choosing an independent pharmacy that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Services such as smoking cessation, at-home delivery and wellness consultations, likely aren’t offered at competing pharmacies in your area. Even if some of the patient care services your pharmacy provides are offered at other area pharmacies, the personal, individualized attention and care you'll receive is second to none.


A unique front end

Although you may not think of your local independent pharmacy as a place to find unique gifts, think again.  For example, they may offer one-of-a-kind, local gifts and products made by vendors in your community.  An assortment of gift cards, specialty greeting cards, candles and so much more are just a few examples of what they have to offer!  A unique way both you and your pharmacy can support the local community.


Above-and-beyond customer service

Unlike large retailers, an independent pharmacy business is a family. The friendly, thoughtful service they provide is what keeps their patients coming back.  According to Consumer Reports, “Independents scored highest in every area of customer service. At least 90 percent of shoppers at independents rated their pharmacy as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’ in speed and accuracy, courtesy and helpfulness, and pharmacists’ knowledge. No other type of drug store came close.”

The little touches an independent pharmacy owner and their staff offer, such as personally calling a patient back on the phone, the pharmacy’s welcoming atmosphere, and the timeliness of prescription refills, are just a few ways that contribute to the superb customer service independents provide.


Supporting the local economy

Your independent community pharmacy is called a community pharmacy for a reason; their business supports the community.   Not only does their business create jobs for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and non-pharmacy employees in the area, but their business also gives back to your community in many ways, as well. Some employees may volunteer at charitable functions, educational events or community health fairs, for example.  When patients choose an independent pharmacy over a national chain or big box pharmacy, everyone is supporting the local economy.